After School Program

Unity provides after school care to 125 children during the school year. Our after school is located in the public schools in our community. Our program provides a nurturing and educational environment for our childcare which is provided between the hours of dismissal until 6:00 p.m. Academics are at the heart of our program in our five day week school program. All of the staff is fingerprinted and screened by New York State Department of Social Services. The program is licensed and registered with New York City Department of Health. Children are enrolled in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.

Teaching the Children About Health

Nature and Environmental Center

One of our newest and most exciting programs is the center that focuses on nature and the environment. This program is centered in Haffen Park in the Baychester community. Haffen Nature Center has a free drop-in hot supper and snack program which serves youth ages 6-21. The Park offers a perfect arena for the children and youth to learn about butterflies, planting, gardening and just about everything in nature. Some recent activities were: bird watching, a workshop on rocks and how they are categorized, Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Festival and learning about the Winter Solstice. We are now getting ready for our Night Out With The Stars.

Studying Trees
Bird Watching